The Story Quilters, 1995 to 2009

Tellers for the 2005 National Storytelling Festival's Exchange Place

Cynthia Restivo and B.Z. SmithFor more than 14 years, two dedicated California storytellers enjoyed a lively partnership as tandem tellers. The Story Quilters, Cynthia Restivo and B.Z. Smith, captivated audiences with their wit, perfect timing and skillful tandem tales. Together they held audiences in rapt attention.

Today they both enjoy lively solo careers as performers, teachers, coaches and consultants. Each continues to enrich audiences with carefully woven tales to amuse, entertain and inspire.

The Story Quilters want to thank all of the people who supported their tandem work for many years. It was an honor and privilege to work together, to meet incredible audiences and to serve the Art of Tandem Storytelling. Both B.Z. and Cynthia look forward to meeting friends and colleagues along new paths.